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Data-driven insight into your business.


profitability insight

Offers a multi -dimensional insight into business profitability of financial companies and institutions. The solution integrates a rich set of key performance indicators (KPI), and a large selection of reports and predefined dashboards that enable deep understanding of business flow, all the way from the largest scale to the detailed information on each user - throughout all business aspects.

Universal solution providing benefits

Neos Profitability Insight is firmily rooted in Oracle technologies. It uses Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) platform as a data foundation, but it can connect to and receive data from any consolidated data model (e.g. a DWH system) with appropriate range and level of detail.

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  • Overview

  • Trend analysis

  • Top n

  • Contributors

  • Customer overview

The most important dashboard is “Overview”, as it provides quick yet deep insight into business details that are analyzed (e.g. specifics on banking products such as loans, deposits, etc.)

A parallel, visualized analysis of selected business indicators within a set of timeframe. All analysis parameters are defined in the database, meaning that each change to the analysis data.

The data is dynamically visualized through charts and can be easily used in creation of various types of reports generated from the initial report

“Top N” functionality ranks the profitability of each business parameter in the bank.

For example, you might want to see the best five, ten – or whichever number you need – products during the last quarter.

“Contributions” tab provides an extremely useful efficiency comparison between products or bank (branches or sectors), according to a selection of more than 200 properties.

As its name suggests, provides centralized overview of all profitability parameters related to each client.

This functionality also provides a keyword-based full-text search option.

crystal ball

powered by data

NEOS Profitability Insight, compared to similar profitability tracking systems (e.g. Profitability Analytics), provides the following advantages


Easy customization according to actual user needs, data model is separated from data sources, system is fully adaptable to different use scenarios


NEOS Profitability Insight does not directly depend on OFSAA modules customized for exclusive use in banks


New reports are easily added to the existing datasets, the existing datasets are easily expanded with new data,the system can be connected to a wide selection of data sources, etc.

Operates at the
lowest data layer

The granularity of data in NEOS profitability Insight system is not fixed or limited in any way, access to the lowest data layer as defined by sources is readily available

Technological simplicity

Easy customization according to actual user needs, data model is separated from data sources, system is fully adaptable to different use scenarios

Low tco

Due to its simplicity, extensibility and integration with universal platforms (DB+OBI EE), NEOS Profitability Insight is easily expanded, while its platforms can be used for other purposes at the same time. - making its TCO extremely low for this class of product and solution

Neos profitability insight
is an on-premise solution
that is also available
as a cloud service